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Planet Signa (Tara) Explanation Time-Lapse

During the conceptualizing phase of creating the "Legends of Saviors" titles, it was imperative to create the planets not just when the players would visit them, but the entire history of each one, as well. Signa (originally named Tara by the inhabitants of the planet) is one of the last planets that players will venture to and explore. Initially being just another generic, green planet (this one with many hills, fluorescent forests, and a tree-like Alpha race), it eventually becomes something so much farther than its inception. One of the most influential characters of the series, known eventually as Insignacious Kendall, found a way to harness life so that those around him could live forever, just as they had so long in the past. Sadly, this reversion of existence came at a great cost, and would transform the planet (and its inhabitants) into a metallic shell of its former self.

LoS Concept Art | History of Signa (w/ commentary)