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Blacknought of the Deathnauts | Volume 1, Song 1 Visualizer

Being the first song - for the first volume of "Blacknought of the Deathnauts" - this prologue of things to come encapsulates the oddness and off-humor that is the universe of the Deathnauts, showcasing what it truly means to be one of these short-lived soldier-scientists. Blacknought, a First Captain of this government-controlled organization, is a rare find. Out of all of the Deathnauts that have been chosen to go on their various expeditions through different deaths, themselves, Black is the ONLY one who has continually come back unscathed and unchanged by his experiences. Black's newest mission takes him into Hell, itself, through a process of complete evisceration. This is the official visualizer music video for the song.

Evisceration and Beyond | BotD, Vol.1 (Visualizer)