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Creeping in Condemned [REMASTERED] | Episode 08 - The Naked Truth

There is a time and place for every action. There is a time to fight, and a time to die. A time for forgiving, and a time for revenge. However, in the Gaming Dojo there is ALWAYS a time to take off one's kimono, spread yourself across a comfy canvas, and delve deep into the truths of the world; the world, of Condemned!

I used to do Let's Plays a few years ago, and took a long, extended break once I entered college. With my newfound skills with Photoshop, editing, and the like, I thought I'd "REMASTER" a few of the more fun Let's Plays, this one aptly named "Creeping in Condemned," involving the game "Condemned: Criminal Origins." This is the eighth episode, of the very first Let's Play series I ever edited many years ago, of the REMASTERED version of "Running on the Edge" with Ronin Yeti and the Gaming Dojo.

Creeping in Condemned [REMASTERED] | Episode 8 - The Naked Truth