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Running on the Edge [REMASTERED] | Episode 2 - The Lost and Dead

We are hot on the trail of those who have wronged our sister. Those that continue to take away our every ounce of freedom and grind our noses down into the concrete. Those who are high up in ivory towers, looking down upon our weary heads. They won't get away with this, we will fight back, and we will deliver swift revenge on those who wronged our family.

I used to do Let's Plays a few years ago, and took a long, extended break once I entered college. With my newfound skills with Photoshop, editing, and the like, I thought I'd "REMASTER" one of the more fun Let's Plays, named "Running on the Edge," involving the game "Mirror's Edge." This is the second episode of the edited and REMASTERED version of "Running on the Edge" with Ronin Yeti and the Gaming Dojo.

Second episode of RotE [REMASTERED]