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Sol Mates v1.5 Showcase

"As a Solar God, your immortal task is to cleanse the souls of the departed, combine them into a purified entity, and send them off to reincarnate on native planets."

"Sol Mates" is one of the first titles that is part of the "Legends of Saviors" series, a collection of different games all centered around the same lore, locations, characters, and systems of an entire gaming universe. In 2017, I was a member of a local video game development community, and was able to work on and complete 3 different games within a 6-month period. One of the games made was "Sol Mates: Earthen Star." Originally a VR game for Android smartphones, I went ahead and updated this version of the game with some new features, and made it accessible to play on just about any PC (considering the game doesn't need high specs to run).

Play the game, for free, HERE:

"Sol Mates" v1.5 | Game Development Portfolio Piece