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Conveying the Obvious Introductory Video

A show I began over 10 years ago on YouTube was censored and banned for its brash and truthful content. I have always wanted to pick back up from where I left off, and began creating assets for the projected show, that will hopefully be a real thing coming soon on both YouTube and Bitchute. It's been a long time coming (12 years, in fact), but welcome to the *NEW* and *IMPROVED* "Conveying the Obvious," an interactive and informative video series that will try to challenge your opinions, engender new perspectives, and satiate your curiosity. Keep an eye out on this channel, because more episodes that will be released as they are researched, filmed, edited, and finalized! This is the introductory video, while fleshed-out episodes will soon follow!

The introductory video for CtO