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Creeping in Condemned [REMASTERED] | Final Episode - When the Creepie Becomes the Creeper

This is it folks, the time for true redemption. The time where Thomas will find out "who/what" is behind the madness that has wrecked his life and the city around him. We will face the darkness, with only our wits by our side; no Bae to be seen. We will get our revenge, but will that cost us the rest of what humanity we have left?

I used to do Let's Plays a few years ago, and took a long, extended break once I entered college. With my newfound skills with Photoshop, editing, and the like, I thought I'd "REMASTER" a few of the more fun Let's Plays, this one aptly named "Creeping in Condemned," involving the game "Condemned: Criminal Origins." This is the ninth - and last - episode, of the very first Let's Play series I ever edited many years ago, of the REMASTERED version of "Running on the Edge" with Ronin Yeti and the Gaming Dojo.

Thank you so much for watching, and if you enjoyed the show, please consider checking out another insanely [REMASTERED] series from Ronin Yeti & the Gaming Dojo, entitled "Running on the Edge:"

Creeping in Condemned [REMASTERED] | Episode 9 - When the Creepee, Becomes the Creeper