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"Mortimer's Mansion" VR v1.0 Showcase

Mortimer's Mansion is a horror puzzler VR title where the player wakes up within a desolate wing of a dilapidated library, forced to solve sinister puzzles in an attempt to escape before they, too, become a plaything of Mortimer, himself! In 2016, the group that bound together to make this game - HVRE (Hands-On Virtual Realty Experience) - decided to stick to the horror theme of the game that came a year before. However, this time we used the HTC Vive VR system, allowing us to create something even more visceral than before, and would grant player access to an interactive simulation of being stuck in a haunted house with only one's legs, hands, and wits to guide them. Mortimer's Mansion was eventually shown off at LexPlay Gaming Convention in Lexington, Kentucky in 2016, much to the acclaim of both players and onlookers. We hope to publish it to a digital distributor in the near future, for free!

Mortimer's Mansion v1.0 | Game Development Portfolio Piece