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Death by Design Poster #1 | Yeti Awakens #TopsyTurvyJam

What started off as an exercise in different Photoshop techniques, grew into a new Death by Design advertisement/poster (for the 3rd and final logo coming out later). While working on this piece a couple of hours a day, every day, I noticed a new Artstation Jam was underway, and I had been waiting to involve myself in the next one that would arise. I took a step back to see the piece already in progress, and noticed I could start tweaking it just a tad to help fit the theme of the #TopsyTurvyJam!

This is the first piece I've done in a few years that involves a personal story; one that involved my close call with the void, and my initial reaction to such blinding patterns and horrific realizations. Suffice to say, I was split in two: between the person I had always been, and a new "self" that desperately needed to be seen and heard. Here and there, the new mentality - the alter ego - would come out during social events, online streams and gaming sessions, and eventually in the commercials and shows I am currently working on: the Ronin Yeti.

During the phase of my diverging enlightenment, I, for the first time, saw the true faces of MY former invisible enemies. I could start to see the reasons behind their machinations and lies; behind their motivations and goals. Through technology, money, war, ideology, and religion, these "World Elite" have seized control by perpetuating ignorance, apathy, and greed on a worldly scale: the REAL enemies of human kind.

Yeti Awakens poster for DbyD

Yeti Awakens poster for DbyD