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Draegon Portrait #4

Draegon, formerly designated “Dreag’Yin” by Insignacious Kendell, is an enigma that, before being able to be played as one of the main ensemble cast, both strays far from the party, but is always within watching distance. Being the 3rd known Buntaien, Draegon, once, was the only pupil under the RuMa of Par’N – diligently training to become stronger – but only after a long and arduous trip from another planet to get there. As the years went by, Yenen eventually showed up in the halls of the RuMa Temple, and both Buntaiens were to be pitted against another, through a curriculum of many trials and tests. They both trained and lived around each other for years, but never really getting to know one another, because of Draegon’s xenophobic tendencies. Ultimately, after believing that it had learned all it could from RuMa’s teachings, Draegon left the temple, and made its home within a maze-like cavern underneath one of the remaining cities on the Last Hortum continent of Par’N.

LoS Concept Art | Dreagon - Character Portrait Time-Lapse