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Running on the Edge [REMASTERED] | Episode 3 - Burns When I Scream

After narrowly escaping the clutches of our friends in blue (and black), we find ourselves closer to the answer of who set up our sister, and why they chose her of all people. Perhaps it has to do with our family background: our parents fighting back against the man in failing droves. Perhaps it has to do with who she is related to: myself; a runner who isn't on the right side of the law. Or perhaps, just perhaps, there is more to her tale then she is leading on...

I used to do Let's Plays a few years ago, and took a long, extended break once I entered college. With my newfound skills with Photoshop, editing, and the like, I thought I'd "REMASTER" one of the more fun Let's Plays, named "Running on the Edge," involving the game "Mirror's Edge." This is the third episode of the edited and REMASTERED version of "Running on the Edge" with Ronin Yeti and the Gaming Dojo.

Running on the Edge [REMASTERED] | Episode 03 - Burns When I Scream