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SPAce v1.5 Teaser

"Why not unwind in a special place, built just for you. Relax among the endless SPAce, drifting along stars so new."

"SPAce" is a unique, Myst-inspired collaboration between a husband and wife. Designed by one and modeled and programmed by the other, "SPAce" transports the player into a surreal spa located somewhere between reality and one's own dreams. More updates might grace this title later in the future!

In 2017, I was a member of a local video game development community, and was able to work on and complete 3 different games within a 6-month period. One of the games made was "SPAce." Originally a VR game for Android smartphones, I went ahead and updated this version for the PC (which is identical to the VR version).

Play the game, for free, HERE:

SPAce v1.5 Teaser