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Planet Hatz Explanation Time-Lapse

During the conceptualizing phase of creating the "Legends of Saviors" titles, it was imperative to create the planets not just when the players would visit them, but the entire history of each one, as well. Hatz was the last planet I was conceptually working on back in the RPGMaker days, which was originally a bit different than it is now. The first idea was to have a rocky and desert-like planet with sparse spots of flora and fauna spread about, and barely any water sources to be found. The main species of the planet was to be split into different “Tribes,” and would fight over the dwindling resources of their world. Wajoby was also to be found on the planet (but now looking different and having lost his memory) among a small faction within one of the Tribes, and the player was supposed to somehow find a way to convince Wajoby (at this point, known as Talon) to come back to Par’N with you to recover his lost memories and powers.

LoS Concept Art | History of Hatz (w/ commentary)