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Planet Jagg Conceptuals | Present Phase

During the conceptualizing phase of creating the "Legends of Saviors" titles, it was imperative to create the planets not just when the players would visit them, but the entire history of each one, as well.

During the 3rd, last, and most present Phase of Jagg, we can see that the planet has changed completely and irrevocably - being flash-frozen in a sheet of thick ice that seems to never melt. Before this horrible event happened, however, many of the Khestlings built a giant home for themselves in the center of their planet, locking off the outside world with a giant, mechanical gate underwater (and now, under the ice).

I wanted to present an almost “lifeless” planet/level to the player, full of wonderfully broad views and intrigue of what had transpired. Initially, the idea was to have a planet become totally submersed in water at one point in its history, effectively killing off most of the flora, fauna, and even killing off the Alpha Species, but the frozen aspect was later added with the revamped history of the planet and its inhabitants). The giant Kay Shard would also help begin unraveling questions within the player, having to do with the gigantic structure, its purpose, and its origin; as it obviously does not look like a “natural” occurrence.

Jagg's Present Planetary Phase

Jagg's Present Planetary Phase